Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer Review

Hello, Travelers

So I got this waist Trimmer  1 year ago, I start doing exercise about a year ago , it was going great and then I fall out of the wagon , so I got a lot of weigh again . I was 150 and got back to 203 lbs. I know a lot of ladies don’t like to said they weight but I don’t mind I know I am ” FAT” , and that is what it keep me motivated, because I want to get to my normal weight.

I just start working out again and try to eat healthy , is so hard for me for the reason that I LOVE FOOD!! Anyways I want to talk about this waist trimmer because it really work , you sweat like crazy no a joke. I think this is the best one I have found so far.

I am thinking to do a blog about my progress with my diet and exercise’s. If you guys have any question about this waist trimmer please leave a comment below!!!


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Garvin House Rehabilitation

Hey Travelers,

My husband and I went to South Carolina in December 2016, to visit his mom. We decided to walk around downtown Bluffton SC and I approach this cool historic house. If you guys decided to go to South Carolina you should check this house(of course when is done). I will give a little info about the history behind the Garvin House.

The Garvin House is the earliest known home built by a freed slave on the May River. This historic structure was constructed around 1870 and is now surrounded by the Bluffton Oyster Factory Park and neighbored by the Bluffton Oyster Factory. The Garvin House serves as a strong connection to the town’s past, and an important cultural resources for the future of Bluffton.

I took some photos of the house and the river, if you like history check it out.

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Hair Products(Updated)

Hey Travelers,

Today I want to talk about hair products, I am a junkie when it becomes about buying hair products. I don’t know how much money I spent on them, but it’s freaking a lot.

Yesterday, I received hair products from SheaMoisture. I start buying those products since last year and it really work for my hair , I got Curly Hair, but sometime I straighten my hair.So it got really damage cause too much heat.I bought this hair products(picture below), and I used them yesterday , my hair feel and look so alive again.

If any of you have try this products line let me know on the comment below, if not make sure you try them.

P.S. I am not advertising for them, I bought this hair products, I just want to talk about it with you because I really love them….dsc_0160

Ciao, Travelers……

This how my Hair look after using this products I love it my hair feel soft and it have some shine on it!


Nikon D5300

Hello, Travelers

My husband got me this awesome camera for christmas , because I just start blogging and I need a camera that take great pictures. Like you may know or not , my husband and I travel pretty much 3 times a year. We just love it, I have take a couple of great pictures will we was in Dominican Republic. I am still working my skill (that’s fucking horrible) taking photos.

The camera is a Nikon D5300 (of course is in the Title) it have 2 lens one is the 18-55mm and 70-300mm. I just fucking love this camera , I never had a “Professional” Camera before, so this is freaking awesome. It takes great photos and great videos.

Now my question is what kind of camera do you use? Please Leave your comments below! If you guys have any question about the camera let me know!!

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Dominican Republic 2016

Hey Travelers,

First I want to apologies for been out of my blog for so long, I have been Travelling with my husband.

In December 2016 we went to Dominican Republic (Punta Cana) beautiful. First I had some passport issue but that’s a long story that I can talk about it another time. When we got to D.R , the check in was fast the hotel that we stayed at was the Riu Palace Bavaro , huge Resort and everything included , you know some people think that the tips are included because it said on the reservation but actually is not.

Anyways the first night we got to our beautiful room , then we decided to go bar hoping HELLO!!! Party time, we drank Presidente that’s the dominican beer and MAMAJUANA IT’S a Dominican rum(I put the letters big to make sure that everybody understand that’s a drink). We got so wasted that night lol.

The next day, my husband woke me up because he couldn’t find the camera that he got for me as a present , GREAT!! We lost the camera . This day didn’t start good , went to the front desk and they didn’t have any camera . We decided to just go to eat and think!

Well after 3 days , the Director of the Resort had the camera the entire time, I was so mad I just want to punch him, but I took my camera and think I am not going to ruin this vacation. So that’s what I did.

Long Story short, We have a great time at Dominican Republic , of course after the camera situation, I hope You guys enjoy it the post and the photos!!!

Ciao, Travelers….

Blood Sausages

I am from Puerto Rico it’s a beautiful small island in the Caribbean . Our favorite holiday is Christmas , it get pretty crazy  so much drink , food and family. One of our favorite food at least mine is blood sausage in spanish is Morcilla. Love the blood sausage , probably you guys are thinking eww nasty blood are you kidding me!!! No I am not.

Blood sausage are sausage filled with pig blood and white rice that are cooked or dried and mixed with a filler until they are thick enough to freeze when cooled. You can eat it by itself or with Puerto Rican rice and beans or tostones( Plantain).

What’s your favorite holiday food? Please let me know on the comment box below!!!

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Hey Travelers,

My husband and I went in a vacation to 2 islands in the Bahamas. First we took the Celebrity Constellation Cruise, the cruise was incredible, beautiful, great food, great music and great bars. Our favorite bar was the martini bar(the bartenders did a great show). The cruise have 7 bars( for people that can drink like us), 2 wine bars and 6 restaurants. It also have shops, spa , pools , casino, etc…

Our room was an ocean view nice clean and big. When I booked the vacation, I make sure that we had an unlimited drink package(drinks are expensive) this was my husband cristhmas present so I want to make sure that it was going to be an awesome vacation.The first nigh at the cruise , we went to the dinning area , they served wine or cocktails and had great food menu.Afterward we went to one of the bars , order some beers and shots , a guy came to our table and ask my husband if I could dance with him and my husband told him to f*ck off lol. Anyways then we went to the martini bar , order a couple of them and omg was so good (by the way we got drunk that night).

When we got to the first island , the cruise have this small boats that take you to the island. It was Coco Cay island is the private cruise island. We decided to walk thru the island(man what a fcking walk), then we went to the bar area(party time) had a couple of margarita and shots, I took a couple of photos so you guys can check them out. When we decided to go for a swim, there was fish in the water like really close to the shore we can touched them(pretty cool).Afterward we went back to the cruise ship, we order some room service and the food was good, we got ready for more nightlife (got drunk again)lol.
When we got to the second island Nassua , we had a hangover (oh boy), we ate we got ready for the second island.We got off of the cruise ship and went to a couple of local stores(we got bahamian cigars).We took the taxi boat wich was pretty cool, because you can see some Celebrities houses.We got off the boat and went staright to Atlantis Resort, you have to pay to have access to the water park , beach and aquarium so we did(pretty f
cking expensive). My husband wanted to go to the water park area. A lot of crazy water slides(of course my husband wanted to do the craziest one), oh well I was thinking about not doing but I did I thought I was going to die(I have photos of that). One water slide went thru the aquarium it was pretty cool cause you can see the sharks.Afterward we walked thru the aquarium inside the resort and took a lot of photos.

We were going to try and stop at Senior frog (for some shots), but we were running late for the cruise ship.We had a great vacation and every single penny that we spend it was well worthy.

Great Vacation ever!!!!!! Leave some comments below if you like the post..

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Ciao Travelers…….

Fast Food on the Road Yes or No?

My husband and I travel for work, we usually drive 14 to 18 hours from one place to another, yes we eat fast food but not all the time , usually we just stopped at a gas station and get some snacks for the road.

I know that eating fast food it’s not healthy , but when you are really hungry and it’s nothing open just fast food that’s what you eat unless you want to starve! But like I said ” We stopped at a gas station too” it’s cheaper anyways.

My question to you is: Do you eat fast food when you are on a road trip?

I hope you enjoy my post and please let me know what’s your answer!

Ciao Travelers……

Our Favorite Adult Beverage

What’s your favorite adult beverage?

“So let’s said that my husband and I love to drink”. Here are some of our favorite adult beverages.

*Sex on the Beach

1 1/3 oz Vodka

1 1/3 oz Cranberry juice

2/3 Peach schnapps

1 1/3 oz Orange juice

*Tequila Sunrise

3 oz (6 parts) Orange juice

1 1/2 oz (3 parts) Tequila

1/2 oz(1 part) Grenadine syrup

*Blue Martini

3 oz Vodka

1/2 oz dry vermouth

1 teaspoon blue curacao

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Garnish: 2 lemon twists


2 oz Tequila

1 oz lime juice

1 oz cointreau

*Bloody Mary

Worcestershire sauce

Black Pepper

1/2 oz lemon juice

1 1/2 oz Vodka


3 oz Spicy tomato juice

That’s a couple of our favorite adult beverage , we also like beer.

What’s your favorite adult beverage?

Ciao, Travelers…..

Key West Part 2

Hey Travelers,

Welcome to part 2, if you haven’t read part 1 please go back to that post so you can understand part 2.

So after we all got drunk our first night at Key West , we wake up the next morning and I saw that I have vomit all over the wall (nasty) . We decided to get ready and grab breakfast , so we went to the restaurant (Blue Heaven) the food was amazing , the restaurant was so cool cause they have rooster all over the place and they have live music.

Afterward my husband and I went to the beach , our friend just decided to hit a bar, we just needed to take a break from drinking after we got so f*cking drunk the night before, the beach at Key West it’s really not that good  it have so many rock in the water so I would not recommended.

We walked back to the hotel took a nap and met with our friend again. The hotel that we stayed at it’s on Duval Street and it have a balcony that you can enjoy drinks and see all crazy people at Key West lol.

After having  a couple of drinks , we walked to the cuban restaurant ( El Meson de Pepe) to have something to eat , this is the reason that in Part 1 I explain that the food was OK. After eating , we all split off again my husband and I went to this rock bar ( I can’t remember the name) but it was pretty crazy .

So after been at Key West for a couple of nights bar hopping , it was time to go back home , we all had so much fun. A tip that i am going to give you all is if you like to party like my husband and I Key West it’s the place!!!

I hope you enjoy my post , please leave a comment below.

Ciao, Travelers…..